Your well-being, physically and mentally, is our top priority. We look forward to providing you with a safe and secure working environment.


Maintain clean work environments and provide you with the tools to work safely 

At Spa Space, our facilities adhere to established daily and nightly cleaning, laundry handling, hazardous, and sanitation procedures as a general standard. In light of COVID-19 and following guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and local government agencies, we are committed, furthermore, to ensuring our facilities provide personal protective equipment (PPE), and high-grade cleaning and disinfectant products, which are available to you. We want you to feel supported and secure in having the necessary tools and resources to safely perform your job.

Stay Vigilant in protecting our team and guests

Stay current with state and industry guidelines and ensure our facilities remain compliant, including but not limited to the following measures upon reopening, staggering appointments by every 15 minutes, limiting access to common areas and hospitable goods, and utilizing contactless check in and out processes. And to the extent, at which point that you should encounter any guest exhibiting symptoms, we support your right to respectfully decline or end service.


Our zero tolerance policy 

Spa Space strives to assure each therapist that protective measures beyond health and sanitation are forefront. Spa Space strongly prohibits engagement in any and all behaviors that may be perceived as harassment and/or sexual harassment. Spa Space has zero tolerance for harassment of any kind and takes all claims of perceived harassment and sexual harassment seriously. If you feel you have been subjected to such behavior, you have our full support to end a service or to remove yourself from the situation. Please ensure you notify the Facility Manager, and/or customer service through the app immediately should an incident occur that you are not comfortable with.